We don’t talk local. We are local!

Where products are not locally available we ensure items are responsible and natural. Always striving to work with more local companies as we grow!

Harris Ranch

Petaluma Farms

Local, Responsibly Raised Anitiobiotic Free Chicken, Non GMO, No Hormones or Steroids, Free Range

Healthy, Natural Turkeys Raised Hormone and Steroid Free. American Humane Certified.

Silva since 1967

Local- Antibiotic Fee, No Preservatives, Nitrate Free- All Natural Casings


A leader in animal care. All Natural.

*Produce Locally Sourced

*when available

Max’s Bakery

Max’s uses the highest quality of locally sourced ingredients

Mi Rancho

Based in the Bay Area, Mi Rancho has been crafting the world’s best tasting tortillas since 1939.

Packaging made in USA