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Side Burn BBQ Natomas

Barbecue Restaurant in Natomas - Side Burn
At Side Burn BBQ and Brew, we are all about responsible, local and farm to fork. We specialize in barbecue… with a California flair! Free-range chicken, local tortilla (Yeah tortillas! You ever had a BBQ burrito?) & bread companies and of course Certified Angus Beef from local cattle ranchers.

Side Burn BBQ and Brew is everything that Sacramento, California is all about. We are proud to be a locally owned small business serving locally sourced and/or responsible products at generally lower prices than an old-school BBQ joint would charge. Side Burn BBQ smokes all it’s meat on site every day using local Applewood from CA! You absolutely have to try the Jalapeño Applewood Smoked Bacon! OMG!

Side Burn BBQ and Brew has locations all around Sacramento with a location conveniently located in the city of Natomas, CA. Our Natomas location serves up the same amazing BBQ with a California twist. It offers the best locally sourced (American made) & most responsible products. We take pride in our food and seek to serve only the best at our restaurant in Natomas.

An Invitation to our Natomas friends:

Come on by our Natomas Location (map below) and enjoy our awesome menu. As a Barbecue restaurant in Natomas, we offer a little something for everybody (including vegetarian options!). Our menu has a wide selection of sides and meats as well as a variety of enticing sauces and rib plates. Remember we are one of the few Brew and Barbecue restaurants in Natomas, CA serving certified Angus Beef and California beef. So, if you’re in the Natomas area and you’re looking for some BBQ that will leave you wanting more – our Side Burn Natomas location is your best bet.

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