Barbecue Restaurant in Rancho Cordova CA

Side Burn BBQ Rancho

Barbecue Restaurant in Rancho Cordova - Side Burn
Side Burn BBQ and Brew symbolizes local, responsible and farm to fork California barbecue. Barbecue with a California vibe is our signature! We use local cattle ranchers to source our certified Angus Beef and also dish out free-range raised chicken. Our bread and tortilla suppliers are local to California as well (You read that right! Tortillas! Ever sunk your teeth into a BBQ burrito?!).

Side Burn BBQ and Brew embodies California barbecue. We are happy to serve locally, ethically sourced food (at more reasonable prices than many old fashioned barbecue restaurants) for our customers and are proud of our local small business restaurant roots. Using Applewood from California, Side Burn BBQ smokes our meat on site every day! BTW, have you tried our Jalapeño Applewood Smoked Bacon yet!? OMG! So delicious!

Side Burn BBQ and Brew has spots all around Sacramento with one great restaurant right here near Coloma Rd & Sunrise BLVD in Rancho Cordova, CA. Our Rancho location serves up the same mouth-watering barbecue with a California atmosphere. This location has the same local, American products. We are completely behind the food and brews we offer our loyal customers and make it a company-wide priority to serve only the top ingredients at our restaurant in Rancho Cordova.

An Invitation to our Rancho Cordova friends:

Stop by our Rancho Location (see map below) and sample all of our tasty eats. As a Barbecue restaurant in Rancho Cordova, we have a great variety of menu options (even veggie ones!). Our menu has everything from sandwiches, meats and burritos to sides, sauces, rib plates and more! Did you know that Side Burn is one of the few BBQ & Brew restaurants in Rancho Cordova, CA that offer California/Certified Angus Beef? So, if you frequent the Rancho area, and you’re searching for some barbecue that will satisfy your cravings – our Side Burn Rancho Cordova location will do the trick.

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